Why ThePensters is the service to choose


When you need an essay or a dissertation to be written, there is usually no opportunity to look through numerous writing services and compare the quality of assistance they provide – there are just too many of them and the majority of these agencies are too much alike to make any real difference.

ThePensters is a brand new kind of a content writing service to choose.

Peculiarities of the System

In most cases the procedure of using a writing service boils down to the following: you place an order with a service, pay a fixed price for this particular kind of work and this particular number of pages, the operator assigns your task to somebody without asking about your opinion, you wait and, if you are lucky and happened to choose a legitimate service, after some time you get your paper. You don’t have any guarantee of quality, you don’t know who is writing your assignment, you cannot contact them and ask how the work proceeds – it is all pure chance.

When you come to ThePensters, however, you will immediately see that the very system operates according to very different principles. This service is more akin to freelance resources, where freelance creative workers and people who need a job done look for each other, communicate and agree on terms that satisfy everyone.

There are no fixed prices for a particular work because the system is not centralized. The client looks through the profiles of the academic writers at ThePensters and decides for who he wants to work with, how much he is ready to pay for these services, how long he is prepared to wait and so on. He doesn’t buy a pig in a poke – he can look through the credentials of the writer, check on his rating and in other ways learn who he is dealing with.

Guarantee of Quality

ThePensters, however, doesn’t leave the client alone with his or her problem. This service doesn’t just provide a means of communication between the client and a creative worker – it makes sure that each and every writer is a professional, reliable and trustworthy person. Nobody starts working for ThePensters without undergoing a comprehensive testing of his writing abilities and knowledge of subjects he is going to write about. In addition to that, ThePensters employs a dispute system – in case there is a conflict between the writer and the client both of them may be sure that an impartial committee will look into the problem and find out who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Each dispute is paid full attention to, and you may be sure to get justice when you need in.

All in all, ThePensters provides some very good reasons to at least try their services out – this agency is so unlike most others that it deserves attention for this reason alone.

Author Bio: Lily Wilson is a 34 year-old homestay mother of two, freelance academic writer/advisor and blogger with 15 years in the custom writing industry. Playing with words is her favorite game.

Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 7


Excerpt: If you’re wondering how to make those parallax wallpapers, you’ve hit the right spot, in this blog post you find all the info you need to know about parallax in iOS7. As well as number of wallpapers fro major iOS devices.

After the first wave of iPhone 5 purchases there appeared thousands of complaints from people who felt nausea when looking at screens of their new gadgets. But how is that possible that a wallpaper on your smartphone can make you feel sick?

This reminded me of a story that happened in 1997. I hope this name is familiar for you “Pocket Monsters”, the Japanese manga. So, i one of the episodes there was a five second episode where sky was blinking with red and blue colors. This blinking had an unpredictable effect onto the viewers – almost 13 thousands children and adults who had symptoms of epilepsy of different severity. This phenomenon was called photosensitive epilepsy.

But let’s get back to our parallax wallpapers. Actually to make it work on your device you will need a picture of a specific resolution. To make parallax work the picture should move from left to right and visa versa. Here are the resolutions:

  • iPad 2 and iPad mini: 1,424 x 1,424px
  • iPad 3 and iPad 4: 2,448 x 2,448px
  • iPhone 4S: 1,360 x 1,040px
  • iPhone 5: 1,536 x 1,040px

So if you want to see the background slightly moving as opposed to the foreground take the photo or picture you like open it in the image editor and resize according to the dimensions from the table above.

If you don’t want to hunt around for parallax wallpapers here are some resources that you may find useful. Use the search to find what you need.

Wallpapers for iPhone 4S

Wallpapers for iPhone 5

Wallpapers for iPad 2 & iPad Mini


Sometimes I feel like there is not enough furry covers for sun-beds on the upper deck of a yacht, but then suddenly I wake up and have to do some blogging. Luckily, I know where to get things you need…Psst, looking for a Joomla theme? Ask me where to get one, or just say hello on .

Expand the capability of your mobile device with 12 free iOs and Android apps for web developers


Finally we stepped into the age of portable devices. Now people of different professions are not tired to their desktop computers. They got the long-expected freedom and mobility by means of using tablets and smartphones to the fullest. We don’t need to be at the office all day long to check our e-mails, share various stuff via social media, write texts or create web design project drafts. Of course, mobile devices serve not only working purposes, but are excellent entertainment as well. They help us while away the time in traffic jams or during long subway rides. Having a free minute we begin to surf the internet, looking for food, clothing, furniture, games, movies, music and many other things one can think of.

Web developers just like the rest of mundanes also don’t neglect the conveniences portable devices can give them. Moreover, your desktop computer is not always at hand unlike the smartphone, for instance. The common problem of modern people is intense lifestyle and the lack of time as a consequence. This blog post is aimed to help web developers a little with our gathering of 12 free iOS and Android apps. With the help of these powerful apps, expanding the capabilities of your mobile device, you will be able to edit codes, check your sites’ statuses, write and post blogs, search for tips and view web sources absolutely anywhere.

Almost everything you did in front of your computer monitor will be possible to do fishing out your favorite gadget from the pocket after installation of the applications you’ll find below. And now, attention, please, here is the best part of the entry: the apps we have chosen are free and available for two most popular mobile operation systems – Android and iOS. So, you don’t have to spend a cent to use your smartphone as a portable centre of web development or design. We hope you’ll find these apps useful and helpful for your work and inspiration. There is no reason to wait any longer, let’s begin our list with applications for Android users.

Apps for Android:

1. HTML Editor

As the title says, this app is an editor for default htm and html files. It also colors the syntax : nodes, attributes, JavaScript, CSS, supports autocompletion, search and replace.


2. Android Web Editor Lite

This is a unique application for web development. It allows you to create html, php, javascript and other types of pages, and also edit the ones that already exist. This application also has a fully-functional FTP client for work with your FTP files.


3. AWD

This is an IDE, code editor for web developers. It supports PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON. Android Web Developer will turn your tablet into a workplace of full value and your smartphone – into a small computer, using which you will always be able to edit your remote projects.


4. Adobe Edge Inspect

This app is for developers who create websites for mobile browsers. But it requires a computer. Once you install Adobe Edge Inspect on both devices, you can pair them to perform debugging so you can see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes instantly on your device.


5. View Web Source

Using this application, you will be able to view the web source of any website. You will also be able to select text, search for text as well as copy and paste the HTML.


6. Webdesigner Depot

This application is an awesome platform for browsing different web and graphic design techniques, their great examples and best practices. You will also be able to find different tutorials, plugins, tools and much more.


Part two: continuing with the apps for iOS:

7. WhatTheFont

This app is very helpful if you see a font, want to use it, but don’t know how it is called. With this app, you can just shoot a photo of this font, and the program will identify it at once. It works perfectly even when you take a photo of a computer screen with obscure fonts.


8. Photoshop.com Mobile

This app is created for one-touch on-the-go photo editing and online posting. You can make your freshly-taken photos more bright, saturated and beautiful easily, at a touch. In one word, this app is very convenient for people who are crazy about taking photos and editing them at once.


9. Web Source Viewer

This app is very similar to the one we highlighted before for Android. It just helps you to see the web source of any website page instantly, but for iOS.


10. Are My Sites Up? Lite

This application is a free companion to a free website uptime, downtime and server monitoring service. It gives you an instant look at your websites in your Are My Sites Up free account and tells you their status.


11. Web Developer Bible

The title says everything; this app is a helpful reference for web developers. It also has a RGB to HEX color convertor, which is pretty helpful, too.


12. BlogWriter Lite

This app is very handy for writing blogs content and instantly posting it. With the help of this app, you can write and post blog articles at any time and from any point on the planet.


What do you think about this compilation of free iOS and Android applications? Which of them do you find the most effective for your web development and web design business? Maybe you use other free apps for iOS and Android and are willing to share this helpful information with the community? Your kind feedback is always welcomed in the comment section.

Author Bio:Wyatt Welch is a freelance copywriter offering his stories to TemplateMonster when he has something interesting to tell. He is always in good humor for doing things and visiting places. He never parts with his acoustic guitar, playing which always helps him to tune to the inspirational mode.