Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 7


Excerpt: If you’re wondering how to make those parallax wallpapers, you’ve hit the right spot, in this blog post you find all the info you need to know about parallax in iOS7. As well as number of wallpapers fro major iOS devices.

After the first wave of iPhone 5 purchases there appeared thousands of complaints from people who felt nausea when looking at screens of their new gadgets. But how is that possible that a wallpaper on your smartphone can make you feel sick?

This reminded me of a story that happened in 1997. I hope this name is familiar for you “Pocket Monsters”, the Japanese manga. So, i one of the episodes there was a five second episode where sky was blinking with red and blue colors. This blinking had an unpredictable effect onto the viewers – almost 13 thousands children and adults who had symptoms of epilepsy of different severity. This phenomenon was called photosensitive epilepsy.

But let’s get back to our parallax wallpapers. Actually to make it work on your device you will need a picture of a specific resolution. To make parallax work the picture should move from left to right and visa versa. Here are the resolutions:

  • iPad 2 and iPad mini: 1,424 x 1,424px
  • iPad 3 and iPad 4: 2,448 x 2,448px
  • iPhone 4S: 1,360 x 1,040px
  • iPhone 5: 1,536 x 1,040px

So if you want to see the background slightly moving as opposed to the foreground take the photo or picture you like open it in the image editor and resize according to the dimensions from the table above.

If you don’t want to hunt around for parallax wallpapers here are some resources that you may find useful. Use the search to find what you need.

Wallpapers for iPhone 4S

Wallpapers for iPhone 5

Wallpapers for iPad 2 & iPad Mini


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