Three-fold career benefits of qualifying Canadian nursing exam


Summary: Canadian nursing exam prepares candidates to enter the highly competitive and fulfilling career of a registered nurse. However, like any other career path, there are challenges in front to overcome for a new entrant. In this article we will discuss the threefold benefits of qualifying the nursing certification exams, which will help you see the ‘big’ picture.

Nursing is a challenging profession, yet a fulfilling one. You need to devote your time exclusively to learn and grow in this highly sought after career.  But prior to that, you have to qualify the nursing exams in order to get enrolled in one of the coveted speciality-nursing courses in Canada. A certification from the top medical licensing authority will offer you increased chances of employment with leading medical care facilities of your state or city. Moreover, in terms of career growth and job security in the current economy, no other job field offers as much financial security and job satisfaction as nursing. Once you’re trained and certified in nursing, you can either remain associated with a hospital and a nursing home or you can work independently. If the above benefits don’t sound too convincing, read on to learn more about the benefits of qualifying Canadian nursing exam.

  • Nursing exam certifications benefits nursing students as well as working nurses

Canadian nursing exams like CPNRE and CRNE help to test and then select the most eligible candidates to get an opportunity to study and undergo in-depth nursing training courses. Eventually the students qualify as registered practising nurses (RPN). The registration validates the competency of the nurse in handling critical medical care situations. This further makes their presence essential in major patient care units of hospitals. The advantage of getting certified as a nurse by the highest medical authority of the land builds up confidence in the person and helps them in taking ‘better’ decisions. A professional certification also help nursing graduates secure high paying jobs, something which is quite a rarity these days in the shifting economy of our times.

  • Nursing exam certificates benefit patients as well as families

In the US and Canada, most people prefer going to hospitals that employs registered nurses in their teams of healthcare professionals. This is because the acutely ill patients require an extraordinary medical monitoring and round-the-clock care. Thus highly trained healthcare professionals are asked to look after the wellbeing of such critically ill patients. As a registered nurse you will have this prestigious opportunity to attend to critical medical cases and will be honoured with trust and responsibility by your superiors, since you’re professionally trained for such scenarios. More the responsibility, more you will grow in career. And that’s not all, once you have successfully executed your duties to perfection, you can expect promotions and perks. On the humane side, the patient-families will feel more secured once they find their near and dear ones under the medical supervision of a trained healthcare professional like an RN.

  • Nursing certificates benefit employers

Today the healthcare market is highly competitive. In this cut-throat competition, those healthcare service providers that offer exceptional service to their clients can only survive. A Canadian nursing exam certification like CPNRE or CRNE adds an extra mileage to the CV of a nursing school pass-out. Besides having a highly mentored workforce of professionally trained nurses help hospitals to attract more patient admissions and thereby help improve their financial base. Overall it’s a complete win-win situation for employers to recruit trained and certified nurses in their medical teams.

From the above you can see that by qualifying Canadian nursing exam you can embrace a profession that’s equally challenging as well as fulfilling for your career growth. There’s immense opportunity for career growth in front, it all depends on your will to succeed.

Author Bio – Koustuv Roy is an expert writer, blogger and speaker. He is involved in teaching at one of the most recognized healthcare professional training providers in Canada. In this post he writes about the threefold benefits of qualifying Canadian nursing exam.