Why ThePensters is the service to choose


When you need an essay or a dissertation to be written, there is usually no opportunity to look through numerous writing services and compare the quality of assistance they provide – there are just too many of them and the majority of these agencies are too much alike to make any real difference.

ThePensters is a brand new kind of a content writing service to choose.

Peculiarities of the System

In most cases the procedure of using a writing service boils down to the following: you place an order with a service, pay a fixed price for this particular kind of work and this particular number of pages, the operator assigns your task to somebody without asking about your opinion, you wait and, if you are lucky and happened to choose a legitimate service, after some time you get your paper. You don’t have any guarantee of quality, you don’t know who is writing your assignment, you cannot contact them and ask how the work proceeds – it is all pure chance.

When you come to ThePensters, however, you will immediately see that the very system operates according to very different principles. This service is more akin to freelance resources, where freelance creative workers and people who need a job done look for each other, communicate and agree on terms that satisfy everyone.

There are no fixed prices for a particular work because the system is not centralized. The client looks through the profiles of the academic writers at ThePensters and decides for who he wants to work with, how much he is ready to pay for these services, how long he is prepared to wait and so on. He doesn’t buy a pig in a poke – he can look through the credentials of the writer, check on his rating and in other ways learn who he is dealing with.

Guarantee of Quality

ThePensters, however, doesn’t leave the client alone with his or her problem. This service doesn’t just provide a means of communication between the client and a creative worker – it makes sure that each and every writer is a professional, reliable and trustworthy person. Nobody starts working for ThePensters without undergoing a comprehensive testing of his writing abilities and knowledge of subjects he is going to write about. In addition to that, ThePensters employs a dispute system – in case there is a conflict between the writer and the client both of them may be sure that an impartial committee will look into the problem and find out who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Each dispute is paid full attention to, and you may be sure to get justice when you need in.

All in all, ThePensters provides some very good reasons to at least try their services out – this agency is so unlike most others that it deserves attention for this reason alone.

Author Bio: Lily Wilson is a 34 year-old homestay mother of two, freelance academic writer/advisor and blogger with 15 years in the custom writing industry. Playing with words is her favorite game.